Mediocrity & Vanity

from by Objects & Objects

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Mediocrity is everywhere. No matter how much human nature is seeking to differentiate, we are still products of our environment trying to establish survival and autonomy. This theme is prevalent throughout most of history. In our mediocrity, we still chase what is novel when nothing is new under the sun. We essentially all try to attain being King Solomon who lived a full life of lavishness and poverty, yet near the end of his life admitted that it was all vanity. We still have men and women trying to look their best to people they owe nothing to. They are trying make lasting impressions by practicing assimilation, and those who look to steer away from this still run into this issue of identifying with similar ideologies, but, again, this is practicing assimilation and it is vanity. It is our vanity at times and self-awareness that allows us to differentiate ourselves from purely parasitic creatures -- sapping up resources for a happy life. This piece is to acknowledge our chase for vanity while all the while we ignore or neglect greater purpose. There are so many who live to be mediocre in the worldly grand scheme and not a Godly one.

“I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and like grasping the wind.”-- Ecclesiastes 1:14


from Everything is in Process, released December 23, 2016
Violins record by Cash Callaway
Mixing by Cash Callaway
Violin by Leoncarlo
Piano by Jordan Lockette
Drums arranged by Leighton Pustejovsky
Saxophone by Alex Harrison
Composed & Produced by Objects & Objects




Objects & Objects Texas

Objects & Objects started as a brief exploration into music production, but then turned into something much more. Tono Nogueras, a former singer-songwriter, took on a more daunting task of arranging large and immense scores that explore texture, abstract concepts, and the visceral intensity of our lives through our most challenging life events. ... more

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