Everything is in Process

by Objects & Objects

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Everything is in Process is about spiritually reconciling my humanity while finding meaning in a universe fabricated by the connected and the temporary. And within that, I learn how to spiritually cope with reality more complex than my pre-conceived notions of it.

It's a concept that acknowledges the passing and necessary change of environment which affects all things in a reciprocating manner. It is a state of entropy without end that allows for a morphing system of chaos.

When life always finds a way, the temporary is necessary as a type of proverbial fuel for proliferation at any rate. When everything is process, what we consider final is only ever the beginning of something else, and to acknowledge the very fabric of what composes our universe allows us to acknowledge our humanity for its components (waves, particles, behavior, culture, ideas, quantum mechanics, biology, soul, spirit, et al.).

What we acknowledge as beautiful and our validation on earth becomes its own vanity in a cosmic black vacuum that is largely indifferent, yet we continue on with it and declare it ultimately meaningful.

“Nothing is static. Everything is evolving. Everything is falling apart.”
- Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club


released December 23, 2016

Mixing: Patrick Peringer, Cash Callaway, BURRO Music Mixing, Ryan Pivovar
Instrumentalists & Producers involved: Leighton Pustejovsky, Tyler Burditt, Leoncarlo, Yoni Viner, Ryan Pivovar, Alex Harrison
Recording: Cash Callway, Anthem Music, Patrick Peringer
Mastering: Burro Mixing
Composed & Produced: Objects & Obejcts




Objects & Objects Texas

Objects & Objects started as a brief exploration into music production, but then turned into something much more. Tono Nogueras, a former singer-songwriter, took on a more daunting task of arranging large and immense scores that explore texture, abstract concepts, and the visceral intensity of our lives through our most challenging life events. ... more

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Track Name: No Trophies, Only Plastic / Decay
We are repurposed
We are recycled
Every bit of energy that will ever be
Track Name: Threnody For All Temporal Figures
Guitar by Tyler Burditt
Guitar recorded at Anthem Music
Mastering by BURRO Mixing
Mixing by Patrick Peringer
Produced & Composed by Objects & Objects
Track Name: Everything is in Process
Guitars recorded by Anthem Music
Guitars performed by Objects & Objects, Anthem Music
Produced & Composed by Objects & Objects